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Repair of weighing equipment

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Service center for repair of weighing equipment of the company "Scales AKSIS Ukraine" provides services from repair of scales of almost any manufacturer.

We guarantee that the accessories for the scales will be original, and the prices for repairing the scales are adequate.

The certified service center of our company carries out warranty, post-warranty repair of scales of all world and Ukrainian manufacturers, namely:AXІS, ATLAS, CAMRY, CAS, CERTUS, DIGI, GRAMM, ІCS MARKET, JADEVER, METTLER TOLEDO, OHAUS, SARTORІUS, UNS, DNEPROVES, DOZAVTOMATI, MASSA-K, ORISON- UNIVERSLOVSHRENTS, TSHRIS, TSHRIS, TSOV, WORLD OF SCALE, as well as ACS, DOMOTEC, NOKASONIC, OXI, TCS, WANG WANG, OLYMPUS, PLANET OF SCALE, SPARTAK, VITEK...,

In addition, we provide after-sales service for weighing and vodo-charging equipment and provide services from the annual calibration of weights.

Our experts perform the following work:

  • diagnostics of scales;
  • calibration;
  • repair of scales;
  • replacement of spare parts;
  • board repair and replacement;
  • change keyboard and buttons;
  • battery change;
  • Replacing the power supply for the balance (adapter);
  • strain gauge replacement;
  • replacement of the indicator of scales;
  • replacement of the display module (weight processor);
  • replacement of the support legs of the scales (legs);
  • replacement of brackets of indicators of scales;
  • replacement of electronic components of ADCs, Processors
  • repair of electronic circuit boards;
  • modernization of weighing equipment
  • Departure of the master directly to the Customer, incl. for bulky scales;
  • checking the scales.

We guarantee:

  • minimum repair time scales in Leo, Lviv region and throughout Ukraine;
  • adequate prices for the repair of scales;
  • supply of original spare parts for scales;
  • high quality and warranty on completed robots from repair;
  • carrying out calibration after repair.

A 12-month warranty is provided on repaired equipment and replaced parts.

We do:

  • repair of trade (store) scales;
  • repair of filling (technical) scales;
  • repair of counting (counting) scales;
  • repair of laboratory and analytical scales;
  • repair of commodity scales;
  • repair of platform scales;
  • repair of crane scales;
  • repair of pallet scales;
  • repair rock with scales;
  • repair of scales for weighing animals;
  • repair of truck scales;
  • repair of bunker scales.

The whole range of work on the repair of scales is carried out by specialists in many years of experience who are constantly trained and advanced training.

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