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Weighing equipment and component parts

Domestic manufacturer of weighing equipment in Ukraine the factory "Vagy AXIS Ukraine" offers reliable, high-quality scales for both  professional and household usage.

 Scales produced by "Vagy AXIS Ukraine" are the result of the implementation of our own many years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and service support of weight measuring equipment; studying the best samples of foreign scales manufacturers; processing reviews, requests and technical challenges of scales users.

Designing scales and their strength calculating are made using modern specialized designing software for 3D-modeling.

 Using the newest equipment and state-of-the-art technologies in production allows us to make modern scales that meet all the requirements of our customers, including major industrial and agricultural enterprises, shopping centers, warehouses, laboratories.

 Nowadays scales are applied in the various fields of activity and require special accuracy and reliability.

Reliability and durability of "Vagy AXIS Ukraine" scales are verified by special tests and results of many years’ exploitation as well as awarded with prizes and diplomas.

Main characteristics of "Vagy AXIS Ukraine" weighing equipment:

Accuracy according to European standards;

High margin of safety;

Scales unpretentiousness to operation conditions and high operational "viability";

Compact delivery times, availability of warehouse scales stock.

We believe that most of the proposed samples of weighing equipment are the best option for the criterion "unit cost of one weighing for the period of scales exploitation." Confidence in that gives us high amount of repeat orders from the users of scales of our production.

Types and use of weighing equipment

You can take a look at the assortment, prices and photos of the offered equipment in the website catalog (online - shop) of "Vagy AXIS Ukraine." There is a wide choice of scales:

Analytical balances
Laboratory balances
Jewellery balances

Moisture analyzers
Trade (Shop) scales
Label scales (check printing)
Technical scales
Counting scales
Moistureproof scales
Commodity scales
Overhead track scales
Pallet scales
Pallet truck, platform mobile scales
Beam scales
Livestock scales (pigs, cows, sheep ...)
Bunker scales
Low profile (platform) scales
Ramp scales
Crane scales
Truck scales
For front-end loader
Railway truck scales ...
All the presented weighing equipment has the relevant certificates of quality. In addition, 12-, 18- or 36-month guarantee and, depending on the scales model, guarantee and post- guarantee service. If necessary, we install the weighing equipment and conduct training of your staff.

 Besides Vagy AXIS Ukraine produces non-standard weighing equipment and provides software for certain scales types.

 Shipping to carrier’s warehouse is free.

 Affordable prices on the scales of domestic producers.

Weighing equipment of Vagy AXIS Ukraine is highly demanded by both domestic and foreign customers. The main advantages of our products are reliable quality and reasonable price.You can find all the detailed information about the equipment you are interested in, its technical and functional characteristics, prices, photos and reviews in the website catalogue (online - shop) or by contacting our consultants via contacts provided. Here you can buy accessories for weighing equipment: strain gauges (weight measuring strain gauge), indicators, weights and more.

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Refrigeration equipment
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Process equipment
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